The enclosed guidance\notes form part of our bookings terms and conditions. Please be sure that you have read, understood and futhermore, understand that bookings are placed in compliance with these terms.

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Please ensure availability of the following (as applicable)

1 – Suitable Stage area (3.0 Mtr x 1.0 mtr) and setup area
2 – High Clearance for equipment of at least 2.0 Mtr’s
3 – Level Flooring
4 – Water proof area especially if in a marquee or outdoor event)
5 – At least 2 UK standard plugs
6 – Reasonable access for access and egress of equipment
7 – Pre-agreed times of event. Any extension on service is at the DJ’s discretion and charge.


An agreed none refundable booking fee is required at the booking point.
Unless previously agreed (in writing) or if payment has already been received, any outstanding amount would be due no later than 1 month prior to the event taking place.


We reserve the right to charge reasonable administration costs/interest where settlement is unduly delayed.

(Including lack of facilities upon arrival that is not Tenacious DJ Liability – See Above)
For Cancellation of events, no deposit would be refundable.
Postponements must be mutually agreed in writing at least 1 month prior to the event.
Should an event be cancelled be cancelled with less than 1 months notice, the eventn would be fully chargable at 100% fee.
If service provision is attempted but deemed not possible or unsafe due to adverse weather conditions then no refund will be possible.

It is important that all the general public and DJ’s health and safety is observed. Should any event reach a level where fears for safety become a concern (eg: if threatening behaviour occurs), the DJ reserves the right to end the event and a 100% charge would still be charged.

Should any damage be caused to any DJ equipment (Inclusive of vehicles and clothing), the clientwould be liable for replacement or repair costs in full. 
This is inclusive of any damages sustained by an event guest(s).
We will obtain obtain repair or replacement costs with resposibility of the client to settle in full. Failure to do so will result in the claim being escalualted through the small claims courts.

It is deemed that our terms are accepted upon any booking fee payment.
these terms are subject to change without prior notice.

Should you wish to clarify any details with regard to your event, our terms and conditions or any other matters, please contact us via the following contact points.

Contact Form: Click Here
Phone: 0800 211 9339
Email: info@appnindiscos.co.uk

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